Isaac was our remarkable and inspiring boy of just 12, in 2014 he was taken by the sea in North Wales. The impact on his home community in Yorkshire and Anglesey, North Wales has been devastating, it has however sparked positive action and fundraising through The Isaac Nash Trust for both the RNLI and a local skatepark.

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Who is in the trust

Isaac’s Grandfather Howard Lewis set up the Trust along with Martin Jefferson and Christina Greenwood. The Trust is open to all as we need the right experience, skills and capabilities to make this happen.

What we will achieve

In the short term we are going to raise 100,000 pounds for the skatepark and 10,000 pounds for the RNLI. We have a strong Committee set up to plan create and deliver the skatepark, your ideas are always welcome.

How to get involved

We are very active on Facebook, we will be promoting events and ideas from there. We are becoming a Charity in the near future, a Just Giving page will be set up. Today you can donate to our Community Account by just emailing Howard Lewis, Isaac’s Grandfather.

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Finance and Donations Howard Lewis
Fundraising and Events Emma Gray
Youth Trust Team Katie Bowker
Press and Media Suzanna Lewis